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Lipocils Mascara

Lipocils Mascara

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More than just make-up !                      Lipocils Mascara is the mascara that makes eyelashes grow, naturally by 29%.

Care benefits: grow your eyelashes naturally longer and stronger.

Make-up benefits: volume, length, curve. Long-lasting. Easy removal.

Results :  After just 14 days, you can begin to see results.

• After 2 months, tests show an average increase in eyelash growth of 29% in length*

• Satisfaction 90 % (tested on 104 women)**.


Lipocils Mascara

 With LIPOCILS MASCARA, TALIKA expands the entire concept of what mascara can be. LIPOCILS MASCARA is more than just a professional quality mascara. It not only leaves your eyelashes looking lush and beautiful: it also contains the Legendary Botanical Complex that has been proven to increase lashes length. With dual-action technology, LIPOCILS MASCARA instantly gives you dark lustrous lashes, while simultaneously working on the root of your lashes for long-term results. It is the mascara that makes your eyes beautiful when you wear it and beautiful when you remove it.

Available in 2 shades: Lipocils Mascara black and Lipocils Mascara brown.



GROWTH: TALIKA Legendary Botanical Complex - stimulates the natural growth of the lashes.

ANCHORING: Tripeptide (Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1) - ensures optimal anchoring of the eyelash in the skin.

THICKNESS: Amaranth peptides (phenylanaline and histidine) - penetrate into the lash fiber to make it thicker and shinier.

ANTI-AGING: Provitamin-B5 - hydrates and stimulates the cellular renewal of the ciliary bulb.

NATURAL PIGMENTATION: Coleus forskohlii extract & hexapeptide (Acetyl Hexapeptide-1) - stimulate melanin synthesis to intensify
the natural pigmentation of the lashes.

Lipocils Mascara black with 89% of natural origin ingredients and Lipocils Mascara brown with 81% of natural origin ingredient.

Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.



1. Start applying Lipocils Mascara from the root to the tip of lashes with a gentle zigzag motion to separate them.
2. For inner and outer corner lashes, use the tip of the applicator.
3. Easily applied in several layers for an even more glamorous effect!


*Clinical test - 30 subjects - 56 days of application - +1.93mm growth on average
**Consumer test - 104 volunteers - 56 days - % expressed

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