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Member Reward Program

Great News for all Talika Lovers!

Proudly presenting Talika Reward Program. Specially prepared for you to reward you in your Talika Journey. Struggling to place your first order? Calm down, register now for instant rewards.

By joining us as a member, you can enjoy more than you have ever imagined. 


Registration is free and takes you less than 3 minutes. 


How to Earn Points? 

Step 1: Create account
Step 2: Complete the tasks on the list
Step 3: Enjoy Shopping! Every $1 = 1 point*

2021 Product Redemption List

Below 1000 Points

Below 2000 Points

Unlock the Hero Products!


Register now and discover more. 


Terms & Conditions

1. Points last 12 months from purchase date.
2. Redeemed points cannot be reused. 
3. Redeemed products cannot be exchanged and refunded. 
4. Free Shipping offer is only available within Hong Kong except outlying islands.

5. Talika has the final decision for the program. 


Last Update: Mar 21